An implant is a surgical component inserted into the upper or lower jaw in order to support an artificial crown (prosthesis).  The implant  may support one crown or a bridge to replace several missing teeth.

They can also be used most successfully when supporting an upper or lower denture providing comfort, stability and confidence.

It is your  dentist who refers you to our surgeon outlining his  suggested dental plan and together with consultation they work toward giving you the  excellent result you deserve.

Your planned implant surgery is  discussed comprehensively at your initial consultation where time is taken to explain all aspects, a plan is made and quotes given.

Implant surgery may be performed under Local anaesthetic, Intravenous Surgery or General Anaesthetic. The choice of procedure will be discussed with your surgeon


Bone Graft

Implants are usually made of titanium and are compatible with bone tissue.  However if there is insufficient bone for  the implant to integrate,  a bone graft is a routine procedure  to stabilise bone tissue in the jaw. Usually this bone is taken elsewhere from the jaw or an allergen-free bone substitute is used.

Sinus Lift

If there is insufficient space for placement of an implant in the maxilla a Sinus Lift (augmentation) may be performed where the sinus floor  is elevated creating space for bone replacement .


Prosthesis is the crown or artificial tooth which is placed on the implant, it may be single, 2 or 3 crowns attached to a bridge or a full denture which attaches to the implants.  Your referring dentist plans this aspect of your treatment.